Gift Ideas


Keats-Shelley200 bag

Our exclusive
Keats-Shelley200 bag marks the bicentenaries of the deaths of Keats and Shelley
in 2021 and 2022 with this colourful, lively collage by Craig Coulthard set
against a dark blue background. The museum's name and Keats-Shelley200 logo are
printed on the reverse side.  

Price: € 12.00


KSH Logo Canvas Bag

Our architectural logo printed in black and red on a natural-coloured fabric makes for a sturdy and attractive way to carry poetry books around town. The museum's name is printed on the reverse side.

Price: € 12.00


Keats-Shelley House Canvas Bag

Our heavy-duty canvas bag features Keats's hand-drawn urn printed crisply onto a natural-colored cotton canvas.

The first lines from Keats's Endymion are on the back side along with the author's signature.

Price: € 12.00


Ceramic cats

These friendly cats have been hand-crafted and hand-painted for the Keats-Shelley House by Roman ceramics artist Daniele Malantrucco.  Each carries a line from Keats or Shelley on its chest (please enquire for colours and poetic quotations). 

Price: € 35.00


Keats-Shelley House Wax Seal Sticker

Add the finishing touch to your letter or card with this set of six self-adhesive wax seals. A Keats-Shelley House exclusive, this seal features an embossed design adapted from the museum ceiling's flower motif which was a part of the house in Keats's time.

The seals come six to a sheet.

Price: € 1.20


Quotation Button Badges

Like a true Romantic, wear your
sentiments on your sleeve – or your bag, scarf, hat or wherever else you decide
to pin our badges. Featuring quotations from Keats, Byron and Shelley, each set
includes one of each of our four brightly coloured designs.

Price: € 3.50


Keats House Pen (black)

Quote reads:
" Bright star, would I were steadfast as thou art"

All pens contain blue ink.

Price: € 2.50


Keats House Pen (transparent)

Quote reads:

" A thing of beauty is a joy forever"

All pens contain blue ink

Price: € 2.50


Keats House Pen (Blue)

Quote reads:
"Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter"

All pens contain blue ink.

Price: € 2.50


Keats-Shelley200 Mug

This exclusive Keats-Shelley200 ceramic mug marks the bicentenaries of
the deaths of Keats and Shelley in 2021 and 2022 with this colourful, lively
collage by Craig Coulthard set against a white background.

Price: € 10.00


Mug - KSH Logo

Ceramic mug with the Keats-Shelley House name and architectural logo.

Price: € 10.00


Mug- Nightingale

ceramic mug with the first two verses of 'Ode to A Nightingale'

Price: € 10.00

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